I went to WordCamp in St. Louis at the outset of this month. It’s a bit late to recap, but here ya go. Here’s 1 of 2 videos with my very loud and bumpy ride back to Georgia.

#wcus A long drive leads to thinking a lot on the drive home. Part one of two. Sorry for the horrible audio but the bridge was cool.

Posted by Outright Sites on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

So the next video can be found on my facebook page which is here. And there you have it.

I have been without a computer at home for close to 3 weeks. I’m in total withdraw and I’m extremely nervous about the whole situation. I took my desktop (the kind with a window so you can see the inside and a red glow – also the kind that is bought on craigslist [never again] with a short meetup at Burger King in East Atlanta) to a local mechanic.

After cleaning the PC and checking the power source, they concluded it might be the mother board. That wasn’t it either. Then they check the GPU and decided that that is it. So I’m waiting for parts each time they make these checks. At the same time, I’m going a bit crazy. I will have to update when that fixes itself. I’m also considering a beefy laptop from Dell, AMD or NewEgg.

One small thing I did uncover, while on the phone with Fry’s Electronics, is a nifty website you may find interesting if you like hardware. I’m a software person (naturally by trade) but I do like my hardware. So the site has build guides, a place to look for parts, and a “show-and-tell.” It’s called PcPartPicker.com.

I was hoping to have another site to show but I’m not where I want to be this year. I am behind and there’s just no excuse. I hope things get moving next year. Not to end on a sad note; this year has been significantly better than last year. No layoff. I spoke at a local WordCamp and I’ve grown my business. I also made contacts on Twitter through the WordPress community. There’s a lot to be thankful for!

And thanks for reading : )

Happy Thanksgiving from Outright, me and my family to you and yours. Have a great holiday and keep clicking.

Hey there! Not sure if you remember me but I’m the guy that writes these things. I had a good week and really wanted to pass along the things that are happening. I closed one project and started another at the beginning of the weekend. I also got an enormous amount of work finished. Part of that was on a new theme and the other part on HubSpot.

I started using HubSpot at Woodard and over a short period of time I started loving it. So much so I think it is a powerful part of outright and could be used with the service I offer to my client. I am therefore incorporating HubSpot as a optional feature that I believe will completely change any company that uses it. Not only will it improve outbound marketing project management but will also streamline sales and customer service.

Might be looking into their affiliate program too ; )

So the theme. Yeah. Pretty excited about this. I finished the framework for a theme. That included more than a year of work, even more time learning how to do it, a review process, and a few sleep depraved nights. I finished the review process on the framework and only had 4 bugs, all of which were easily fixed. The frameworks is humbly called “io” and will eventually be released into open source – much later that my new theme which I will market and sell.

I am extremely proud to announce Altimeter.

Altimeter will begin development in late September 2019. It is a simple and fast theme to incorporate a few features: social connectivity, a secondary post type, and a customized header which allows for user to change color of text/background/logo. The hard part is done and the soon-to-be release has me excited and tired. I’m very happy : )

Here’s the theme’s screenshot (shout out to SpaceX).

So I went to WordCamp Atlanta. It was, again, an experience worth attending. There’s something there for anyone in the Web business. My only complaint is I want more. I didn’t volunteer at this WordCamp, but I did get involved. In fact I spoke at it. And as weird as they may sound to you, well, it’s just as weird to me.

I have mixed emotions about how I did. I didn’t embarrass myself, so there’s that. I just think I approached the thing inncorectly. I put soooooo much effort into the presentation and slide show. But I overthoaght it all. Actually, I thought only about it for like 3 months straight. It was consuming my time. The closer I got, the more nervous I got. I suppose that means I cared and that’s fine.

If (please be the case) I didn’t upset anyone, maybe I can do it again. I will come up with a better topic or just go straight for the basics and teach the hell out of it. I got feedback from my audience so I know what NOT to do next time.

If you don’t learn, you fail.

So maybe I can shoot for a different camp or a different venue all together.

I hesitate to do this, but here it is if you want to see it.

Also, the slide presentation is available if you need to click the links and don’t want to type. 😁

Apart from that, I’ve got a site in production (finished the development) and talking with client to get it launched. Fingers crossed. I’ll update when that gets finished or I find a talking lamp that grants three wishes.

Also, someday, I’ll get around to talking about my trip to Europe.

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