I officially have a car again. Not only do I have a new head gasket; I am also the proud owner of a new baring (barings?) in one of my wheels. Couldn’t tell you which one though. So I am pleased to report I will not be hitch hiking up to Nashville.

Oh, that’s right – tomorrow I’m going to #wcus. It’s actually my first WordCamp. I’ll be volunteering at registration and the help (happiness) lounge, taking in some good info, learning a few tricks and watching the keynote from Matt. I’m getting the laundry done and I also survived another year of climbing the ladder 8+ times to put twinkly lights on my house.

I’ve been busy. I haven’t kept up with Twitter so I haven’t promoted half of the posts I wrote this year. I’ll write another post about that and include some analytics for the last 2 years . . . if I can remember.

I started working on a project at work and decided to go with custom fields. I looked at custom post types, custom fields and advanced custom fields. The first two I was considering using from core and doing the work in the theme’s child. Then I ran into the mess that is Jupiter. I couldn’t even find where the code was for the single.php template. I was also bummed by the idea of using another plugin (advanced custom fields) even though I’ve used it in the past and like it.

I think I will settle for posts (not custom) and categorizing them into conference sessions tracks. Each track will display the post’s title and link to the post and I’ll display those titles with a widget. Trick to that is getting the widgets (and Visual Composer) to work better. Something happened when I updated Jupiter which sends me to the bottom of the page every time I edit a content block. Thanks ArtBees!

Enough complaining – I have 3 1/2 days of WordPress to soak up. You can get set up for the live broadcastĀ if you’re interested (which you should be).

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